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👩‍💻 Powerful CRM build upon Web3

With Checks CRM, any merchant can issue NFT membership cards, universal credits, qualifying promotions to their customers at zero cost. With NFT DIDs, merchants will have stronger connections with consumers than ever before - welcome to the Web3 era of CRM systems.

🙈 NFT as a membership card

We support the issuance of NFT membership cards with enhanced membership points for the ERC20 protocol and offer all customers a powerful DeFi tool with all basic service suites available out of the box and Checks support on several popular public chains, such as Ethereum Layer2 and Polygon.

📱 The best onboarding experience

Mobile first is our main strategy, through well-designed mobile applications, we are committed to providing our users with a product experience that works like web2. We believe that this will bring everyone into web3.


Membership system, reimagined by NFT

We've been thinking about how NFT will change our lives, not only as an expensive collectible, but as an identity for all of us, and through the NFT membership system offered by Checks, we are truly connecting merchants with consumers. There is no doubt that this is the future of offline commerce and Web3 convergence.

With the NFT DID system we have built, you can post limited promotions, such as promotions for new customers, or loyalty rewards for existing customers, and you can simply use the push functionality we provide to send messages to your customers without relying on third-party social networks. In the future, we will provide online communities for each merchant and bring qualified seeds for your new business.

Open and powerful CRM system

Our powerful CRM system not only issues free NFT cards and on-chain points to your customers, but also increases repeat purchases through a wide range of promotions and enables a more seamless loyalty program than any previous solution. Of course, you can also use the system to issue period-limited digital collectibles, set purchase thresholds, and link to offline events.

Our CRM will provide you with daily reports, monitor changes in in-chain spending behavior, detect medium and long-term discounting metrics, and even provide suggestions for improvements to your loyalty system. In the future, we will support the opening of a fully functional API that will allow existing loyalty and membership systems to access the Web3 world.


Mobile First

Mobile first is one of our core strategies, and we are providing all Internet users with a Web3 experience through easy-to-use mobile applications. This will help more people who are interested in Web3 to enter this rich world.

In the Japanese market, we will debut the Checks mobile app in the second half of Q1, supporting your consumers to use the app to create a points wallet, get a free membership card at checkout and accrue points, in addition to supporting some great DeFi feature packs that support point swapping and pledging to help your consumers stay in your loyalty program.

The App will also support your consumers in accessing any digital collectible NFTs issued by you, such as limited stamps and consumer discount coupons. Our goal is to promote this App to all Japanese consumers and to deliver the inclusive value of Web3 to all.

We choose public networks

Web3 brings the value network to the Internet, and we believe that in the long run, the economic behavior of all people will be closely integrated with this vast value network.

Therefore, we chose to support an open and decentralized public network instead of building our own private blockchain solution. This means that our customers will have world class protection for their data and asset security. By accessing the open network, we are able to pass on the value of all of our customers ten or even a hundred years down the road without the fear of commercial companies shutting down their networks and causing you and your customers' assets to be compromised.

Through the open network, we offer services that synergize with world-class DEX, such as Uniswap and Multichain protocols, which will undoubtedly further bring long-tail value to our customers.


Our roadmap is?

Checks will debut the App and go live on the test network in the second half of Q1, when Checks CRM will also be available to invited merchants, and in the Q1 MVP release we will support ETH's Layer 2 IMX and Polygon networks.

Our basic suite of services is free to use, which means you don't need to pay for the use of Checks CRM to connect directly with consumers who use the Check App, making it easy for them to join your loyalty program. .

We support Checks' services with a small and elite team of global collaborators. The founder of Checks is Guo Yu, an early employee of ByteDance with 11 years of experience in Internet product development.

You can use the Checks CRM Issue NFT directly as a collector's item, or if you are a trade association or other self-aware organization, it is very easy to use our CRM Issue NFT memorabilia.

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